Losing Control

Through the Power to Change Community of Practice I am part of I was very lucky to attend the recent Losing Control two day conference in Birmingham.

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I can honestly say that never have I come away from a conference feeling so inspired and motivated to change the world! Normally I might want to follow up with one contact and have a little further reading and one action or 2 to complete.  This time I made 10 contacts I want to keep in touch with and had a list of 23 Actions and a list of further reading!

One of my actions is to join an Advisory Group for Losing Control and I’m excited to say our first meeting is coming up in April 2019.

I’ll keep you informed and updated through my new blog that I’m starting.

“How I’m changing the world in my own little way!”

Welcome to my world!

I developed this website as I have been and am involved in a variety of projects which I wanted to be able to share with you.  I will be developing this site over the coming months and I hope that you find the things that I share with you interesting!  From Balloon Decor to Forum Theatre there will be something for everyone – enjoy!image

Me – Tricia

Patricia Reilly