Wheel Be Dancing

I established Wheel Be Dancing in 2014 and opened my first class in lambeth.  It was a great success receiving funding from Lambeth Council and Wheelchair Dance Sport UK (WDSA UK) now Para Dance.

We performed at the Olympic Park as part of the Liberty Festival on National Paralympic Day in 2015.  We also performed and ran a workshop that year at the London wide Into sport Project led by Inclusion London and Interactive alongside 5 London Deaf and Disabled Persons Organisations.

Through Walderslade Together CIC (WALT) the Community Interest Company I was the CEO of I started the first ever Rollator Dance Class in the U.K. in 2017.  We performed at the Brooke Theatre Chatham on 17 March 2019 as part of the Medway Community Showcase which I organised alongside The Loop Dance Company who organised UDance as part of the same event.

Here is a clip from our rehearsal with the professional video to follow when ready.

My first ever time Wheelchair Dancing

Training to be an instructor

Collaborating on an inclusive Tea Dance at The Copperbox Olympic Park

Rollator Dance

Wheel Be Dancing Lambeth

Wheel Be Dancing Website

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